II. Diósgyőr Rally 2024 – First time lucky! –

It was the second round of the National Rally Championship and we couldn’t miss it. It is true that Mixi and Csomós were not yet in the ranks because of the events in Canary. On the other hand, the Czékmány – Takács duo were there to finally start their season as planned in the Peugeot 208 Cup. The venue was again Miskolc, the first time the race has returned to the premier class after 2020.

The team started the week with a dry/wet test. Norbi Czékmány said:

“I’m working on reducing this gap during the Diósgyőr Rally. As much as we have the opportunity, we have to make the most of it. That’s our goal now.

The competition days took place on Saturday and Sunday. In the first round of the opening day, our new pair performed better than expected, and after that they managed to keep up and even increase their number of strokes. They won two out of the three races and arrived at the service park in first place. In the second round they managed to win two stages and after six rapid races the Czékmány’s were 13.6 seconds ahead of László Berta after the first day of the Diósgyőr Rally.


„ The team gave me so much help today with the set-up that it was a matter of seconds, I’m very happy so far.

Where they left off, they picked up, and more! Sunday’s race day once again had six speeds for the field and Norbi thought he could win them all, and he did! It’s hard to argue with this

 performance, a great start and a maximum score in the Peugeot Cup this weekend. What shows how well the Czékmánys did is that they also finished 9th in the grand absolute, a rarity for a front wheel drive car in the domestic field!

At the end of the race, the driver commented:

„ We haven’t raced in six months and I was a little afraid that it would have a big impact on our performance. Fortunately, this was not the case, as we took a start-to-finish victory in the Peugeot classification. Of course, I’m not entirely satisfied, because there were three stages where we had a faster pair. But I’m trying to keep that in perspective, because the main thing is that this race has given me a lot of new experience, which I’m sure I can use later to increase my pace. Bükkszentkereszt was the benchmark for me. There I was the most confident and anyway, it is very close to my heart. I had a lot of good experiences there, and somehow it was always a key place, so I couldn’t give it to anyone else. The car tested perfectly, we completed the race without any technical problems. I got a lot of help from the team with the settings, which we were able to fine-tune during the race. I felt more and more comfortable in the car as the laps went on. But as I mentioned there several times, there is still a lot of room for improvement, I’m sure.

Next race: 57th Mecsek Rally and 2nd Royal Rally of Scandinavia