57th Mecsek Rally 2024 – Two from two! –

The Mecsek Rally has a special place in everyone’s heart, a special place. The event was the third round of the Hungarian National Rally Championship last weekend. We set off for Pécs with two very strong pairs, with the aim that both Mixi Csomós and Norbi Czékmány would leave the weekend with a victory.

After a break of almost a month and a half, the Mixi Csomós had to get back together, now behind the wheel of the latest Skoda Fabia RS. It was only in the last moments that the start became certain. On Thursday, at the official test on the zero day of the race, both of our duo were there to set up their cars for the race. Norbi and Norbi Czékmány were still in the swing of things, having won the Diósgyőr Rally in the Peugeot Cup just three weeks ago for the first time in their careers.

In Pécs, it has been common practice lately to hold the race days on Friday and Saturday, and this time was no different. On Friday, the competitors were greeted by perfect weather, with a total of three speeds, which they had to complete twice. There were many questions for the Mixis as to how they would adapt to the car after a short test, but after the first lap everyone was reassured, their pace was strong again, although nowhere near what is likely to be expected in the future, but that’s only natural. They finished in 3rd place, 3.9 seconds off the leader, Adam Velenczei.

Norbi Czékmány and his team started deliberately but quickly in the Peugeot Cup and led after the first lap. They took one of the three fast laps, but were very close to Attila Határ in the other two.

The end of the second lap was in the dark, so the team installed the extra lights in the service area accordingly. Mixi and his team dominated the second lap, gaining stage wins and as a result they found themselves in absolute first place. The advantage was 6.9 seconds over the Velenzeys. At the end of the day, the Mixis said:

We still have a lot to go with the new car to call it comfortable, but we both feel good in it already. The gearbox is quite short at the moment, we’re in fifth very quickly, and that’s deceptive (for us) because we’re not going anywhere near as fast as we were with the EVO. We’ll have to get used to it, we need the mileage, but we won’t complain about it, that’s for sure. Tomorrow we have an even longer day ahead of us, the differences are quite small, but it would be nice to finish in the same position at the end of the race.

The second lap was better for the Czékmánys and they managed to increase their lead to 6.3 seconds compared to the Hatars.

 The final day on Saturday again brought three fast laps, which again had to be completed in two rounds, ending the day with a Power Stage. The Mixies were a little bit behind, with Gábor German, who also drives the latest Skoda in the races, threatening them with a 4.9 second gap. Norbi Czékmány won three in a row for the first time this weekend, 28.4 seconds ahead of the Hatars.

By the last lap, the Mixis’ victory was in question, but Gábor Német was eliminated in the penultimate lap and the Velenczeis were pushing the pipe to no avail. The Csomós – Nagy duo scored their first ever absolute Mecsek Rally victory with the new car, and in addition they took all the points they could from Pécs, which put them at the top of the Hungarian National Rally Championship.

After the race, the Mixi’s said:

„New car or not, our goal was to win. We did everything we could to achieve it, so we are very happy that we were able to reach this goal.”

Both pairs took all the points they could get this weekend, Congratulations to them!

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