REPORT – Székesfehérvár Rally

Vince Trencsényi – Gábor Patkó, who started with grid number 26, started the rally with a little bit of fear, but later they managed to get more in tune with the Székesfehérvár tracks, on Sunday they had podium times all the way and on the last stage they managed to set 1st time and thus they could get the maximum points for the “Power Stage”. In the end they finished 6th in the PEUGEOT CUP 4th ORB 2WD.

The other two cars of the HRT Racing team could not complete the whole distance. The Németh-Späth duo had to retire due to an unfortunate accident and the Nagy-Németh duo had to retire due to an administrative problem. We hope to have all three cars on the other side of the finish line next time.