The HRC East Eger Rally took place this weekend, for the 18th time in this area

The HRT site was the venue for both the competition centre and the service park. The two-day event featured one fast lap on Saturday and nine more on Sunday, while the start and finish ceremony returned to its original location on Dobó Square.

HRT Racing had no less a name than three-time Hungarian absolute champion Miklós Kazár behind the wheel of the Peugeot 208 Rally4, with Balázs Weingartner, President of HUMDA (Hungarian Mobility Development Agency), as navigator. The pair were the front runners at the front of the field. The Miskolc-based driver had never been in this car before. Miklós Kazár said:

” The car is very handy and very comfortable. I can only say good things about the race, I really liked the tight pace of the race and the fact that the organisers were able to keep to the schedule. The straw bale retarders were a novelty, but it was good to get around them. My navigator did a great job. All in all, we had a well-rounded weekend.”