The 37th edition of the Salgó Rally continued the Hungarian Championship. With the support of the HRT Racing Team, three drivers started the two-day competition with high hopes. Vince Trencsényi is already an experienced member of the Peugeot Cup, having competed in this series last year and the year before. Mátyás Nagy also has a lot of experience, but he has achieved good results with other cars. This year was his first introduction to the Peugeot 208 and this was also his opening race, as he was unable to compete in the first race in Székesfehérvár due to administrative problems. Péter “8V” Németh aka Kisszelep, as he is known in the rally circles, also started his first Peugeot Cup season this year. A record number of 12 duos entered the Salgó.

The competition got underway in earnest on Thursday. For the team, it was all about taking over the machines and for the pairs of drivers, it was all about getting to grips with the tracks and how they would be able to process them for the weekend. This time, the fast stages took place on Friday and Saturday. 121 kilometres of racing were covered over the two days on the classic Zagyvaróna – Cered, Mátrakeresztes – Falloskút, Vizslás – Kazár – Somlyóbánya and Mátraalmás – Bátonyterenye stages. Let’s see how the race went from the HRT Racing Team pairs’ point of view.

👉Trencsényi Vince – Patkó Gábor

Vince Trencsényi and Gábor Patkó finished fourth in the first race in Székesfehérvár. They were looking to improve on this result this weekend. “The gearbox started to get tight, so that made it difficult to start and progress – I hope it will hold out until the service.” The pair crossed the finish line in the second rapid, between Mátraalmás and Szorospatak, but what followed was completely unexpected. At the entrance of the right-hand bend after the finish, part of the asphalt melted so much that the car became completely out of control and the Trencsényi’s fell straight into the trees. The front of the car was damaged and the damage was so extensive that they were unable to continue the race. It is interesting to note that among the competitors in the Cup, Csaba Viszló and Ifj. Kanyik Antalék also had similar bad luck in this corner. Vince Trencsényi’s next target will be the Waldviertel Rally in Austria next week!

👉Nagy Mátyás – Németh ’16V’ Péter:

Mátyás Nagy drove a front wheel drive car in the Hungarian championship for the first time in his life. In the past, we saw him on the tracks with a Lada and Mitsubishi.

In the first fast lap they came sixth. The second one was a stage for the rest of the field due to the failure of Vince Trencsényi and the other marque mates. On the third stage they hit a kerb after the start and had to come off with a slow puncture. At the end of the first lap, they were in 6th place out of the nine pairs left standing. The second half of Friday showed more positive signs. They managed to get a second time on the fifth rapid and at the end of the first day Mátyás Nagy and his team moved up to 5th place. The Saturday brought no results, as they hit the tape barrier at high speed on the first rapid between Zagyvaróna – Cered – Tótújfalu and were forced to abandon the race.

👉Németh “8V” Péter – Späth Szabolcs:

The Kisszelep were the only ones from the HRT Racing Team to complete the Salgó Rally. They were the only ones who were the only ones who could complete the Rallye Solos. They were 8th after the first lap and their position didn’t change in the second lap. At the end of the day, the driver briefly assessed. We have to improve!”

On Saturday, seven Peugeot drivers who were left standing started the final day of the one-make cup. Péter Németh and his team continued to hold their own and finished 5th overall with a well done Power Stage, where they scored extra points. “I hope that’s enough power for now! I don’t know what I was waiting for, because that was awesome!”

The next round of the Peugeot Cup will take place at the end of June, when the teams will meet in Mecsek!

Next round: 56th Mecsek Rally 2023 06.22-06.24

Thank you for the photos by Péter Sári and Norbert Csatlós