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Rallying is one of the most popular sports. Millions of people follow the events live on site and online, both at home and abroad! Rallying stands out among the many forms of motorsport. The dynamics, the excitement and the performance of the cars offer a unique experience for spectators.

On the Race Car

We proudly display your company logo on our racing car, which represents high performance and quality as it races around the race track.

Appearance on a racing car

On the Service Truck

Our service truck can carry not only technical expertise, but also your company logo, becoming a symbol of reliability and innovation. Our partner's logo will also be displayed on the service team's clothing, highlighting the close relationship of cooperation.

Appearance on a race car

On Social Media

You can also be part of our online community, where we will provide sponsors with regular opportunities to be featured. In 2024, we will increase our visibility and recognition with an even stronger online presence. By becoming one of our partners, you and your company can be part of this increased visibility.

Appearance on a race car

International Exposure

Not only do we offer guaranteed exposure at domestic competitions, but also on the international stage. Your company logo will flash across Europe, increasing the international visibility of your brand.

Appearance on a race car

On Website

Your company logo will be featured on our website as one of our partners.

Appearance on a race car

On Service Team Clothing and Merchandise

Our partner's logo will also be displayed on our service team's clothing and other merchandise (T-shirts, baseball caps, passport holders, etc.).

Appearance on a race car

Are you interested in us? Join us and be part of the biggest rallying success in Hungary!

Please contact us using the following contact details:

Zoltán Légrádi

E-mail: info@hrtracing.hu

Phone: +36 30 550 0519

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